Abstract Metal Art

Abstract Metal Art

Birth of a StarBirth of a Star
Callisto v2Callisto v2
City WaterscapeCity Waterscape
Conical FractureConical Fracture
Cool StriationsCool Striations
Cosmonation  Cosmonation
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about abstract unique metal sculptures by { NICHOLAS YUST }

modern unique sculptures are designs which i create when inspired by extraordinary shapes or patterns, or want to incorporate an atypical material than is used in my other modern metal art. abstract unique artwork, as you will see in the unique wall art gallery below, includes everything from bold, contemporary color combinations to twisted metal accents. this style of abstract sculptures is perfect for decorating the ultra-modern home, complimenting abstract geometric architecture and spaces or simply to create an interesting effect in your decor. while abstract unique artwork is much "busier" than the clean lines created by my single and multi-panel signature artwork styles, each unique wall sculpture portrays my inherit passion that is portrayed in all of my designs and make it recognizable as a nicholas yust original sculpture. all of the sculptures found in my abstract unique art gallery are designed with care and hand crafted using my signature grind patterns and techniques.

my nicholas yust unique modern sculptures can be found in homes around the world as well as in modern sculpture galleries, corporate buildings, hotels and hospitality establishments, sculpture gardens and other online galleries featuring esteemed modern metal sculptors. decorate your home, office or corporate space with my unique artwork designs to bring a truly abstract aesthetic to your decor.

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