One-of-a-Kind Art

One-of-a-Kind Art

Converging Tides
Electric Fields - Black Label
Follow Me
Fusion - Black Label
Galvanic Interactions
Heart Strings
Hyper Expansion
Life and the Influx of Love
Northern Lights (42% OFF!)
Ocean Mist
Spectral Corrosion
The Fire Within
The Fire Within v2
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About the BLACK LABEL line from { NICHOLAS YUST }

The Black Label line by Nicholas Yust represents the ultimate in high-end metal art; this is the cream-of-the-crop, truly the most awe-inspiring, "WOW Factor" pieces for the decorator and art enthusiasts who settle for nothing less than the best.

These are all one of a kind metal art designs, custom-made and hand-crafted by Nicholas Yust in his studio in Cincinnati.  Due to the various layers of materials, unorthodox coloring techniques, unpredictable heat-tinting procedures, and other factors that go into the creation of each of these pieces, they cannot effectively be duplicated and therefore will only ever be offered once.  This is your chance to own a true original, one-of-a-kind modern abstract art design that will never be matched!  As with all of his unique metal art, each piece in this one of a kind abstract art gallery will be signed by the artist as a representation of its' authenticity.

Nicholas has the unique ability to be able to recreate many of his designs due to his vast experience and extremely accurate processes, which he has developed over years and years of making metal artwork.  However, the experimental and unique processes he employs for the abstract designs in this gallery make it impossible, no matter how many times he tries or how close he gets, to really duplicate the color patterns, textures, and emotions that are present here.  To the true abstract design collector or edgy modern art aficionado, the uniquely artistic abstract designs that we cycle in on this page will be calling....

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