Multi Panel Pure Metal Art

Multi Panel Pure Metal Art

Electric Fields v2Electric Fields v2
Frozen in TimeFrozen in Time
Levitation  Levitation
Orbits and TranceOrbits and Trance
Parallel DendritesParallel Dendrites
Parallel Dendrites (v2)Parallel Dendrites (v2)
Passing Currents (10-Panel)Passing Currents (10-Panel)
Passing Currents (5-Panel)Passing Currents (5-Panel)
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about modern multi-panel metal wall art by NICHOLAS YUST 

Multi-panel, modern metal art wall displays are my signature style of artwork. Not only were they the first wall sculptures I ever designed, I was also one of the original metal artists to create multi-panel metal wall art. Since it's introduction into decor, the trend has flourished into a modern home owner's must have. To date, multi-panel metal sculptures include some of my best selling designs and remain a favorite among my clients. Natural modern metal art is also my favorite style of fine artwork to create, grinding into the metal individual patterns by hand in many layers for the final, fluid design. On the wall, the separated panels of multi-panel metal wall sculptures complete the ultra-modern appearance in your home, office or corporate space. The abstract, contemporary look is enhanced in my ground pure metal art, which reflects light in a unique way. Whether made of aluminum or steel, a two-toned look results when exposed to natural or quartz-halogen lighting; this effect can be seen in various photos in my multi-panel metal artwork galleries; view my purchase details page for modern metal art lighting suggestions to learn how to capture the full brilliance of your metal artwork.

I create my multi-panel artwork using various metal types. In many cases, I prefer using an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for it's durability, brilliant coloring, and most importantly, the way the metal reacts to my grinding techniques to produce sharp and vivid modern design patterns in the surface. The textures and patterns that you see in the artwork are etched and ground into the surface of the metal, allowing the grooves to capture and reflect ambient light to create flawless patterns and visual spectacles - in many cases even creating a three-dimensional illusion as you move from side to side.

In addition to aluminum, I have a lot of multi-panel metal wall art that incorporates steel, copper, bronze, and other materials. Paired with my unique, signature grind patterns, these metallic wall accents bring a dramatic statement to any contemporary or urban room.

Because I create each metal wall panel by hand, custom and personalized order requests are welcomed and encouraged. Choose a grind pattern/design, specify your favorite type of metal, make size or detail requests, and I will customize your modern metal art to fit your home/office wall.

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