Shipping Rates and Policies

Shipping Rates and Policies


nicholas yust fine metal art payment details

All credit/debit card payments are processed through a secure platform with an SSL certificate to encrypt and protect your personal information, so shop with confidence!

if you do not have a PayPal account, you may pay with a personal credit card or debit card when you
reach the checkout page.

if you have a PayPal account, you can use it to pay directly at the time of checkout.

if you have neither a PayPal account or a credit/debit card, i will accept a certified check or money order only; no personal checks will be accepted.

note | all sales are final! due to the high risk of damage during return shipping, returns on artwork are not accepted. in an extreme circumstance i will accept a return for which the buyer is responsible for round trip shipping with insurance, packaging materials and a 20% restocking fee. buy with confidence after reading the guarantee.


nicholas yust fine metal art shipping

I try to absorb the bulk of the shipping and packaging fees myself to avoid passing them on to my clients.  Everything is carefully padded and professionally packaged here in my studio, and everything ships 100% insured.  Most items will have a modest shipping charge to cover the transit fees, but I cover a portion of that along with the packaging expenses myself.  Feel free to contact us if you have a question or special request about shipping a particular piece of artwork.

international shipping is available on all sculptures and artwork. please check the product page for the artwork you are interested in to see the international shipping rate.

insured shipping is included with each artwork purchase, so that you are protected should damage occur while in the hands of the shipping company. if you notice any damage to the packaging upon arrival please photograph the packaging then open and check the artwork. If the artwork has damage please photograph it also and contact me so that I can file a claim with the carrier. this will insure a quick claim and allow me to replace the artwork for you with no issues or delays.

please allow 3 to 9 weeks for receipt of a standard order, and 5-12 weeks for custom orders. as all artwork is handcrafted by me from start to finish, adequate time is required for prepping, grinding, coloring if needed and preparing for shipment. however, it is important to me that you receive your artwork as soon as possible and will do my best to meet expedited timelines if needed.

at nicholas yust | fine metal art, packaging quality = artwork quality. i have set my packaging standards per recommendations from a FedEx packaging engineer so that your investment is delivered to you in pristine condition. your artwork will arrive in a custom ordered 275/350 pound test heavy duty box, wrapped in acid free paper that fully protects the grinds and colors, which is in turn bundled in packaging peanuts, polystyrene foam, packing paper and 1/8th or 1/2 inch bubble wrap as needed. i use 3M packaging tape to finalize the masterpiece and provide structural integrity, and top it off with shipping documents "fragile/this-side-up" stickers on every side. large scale artwork is packaged in a rigid wooden crate which can be maneuvered by hand or with the assistance of a pallet jack or fork lift. artwork is packaged by gallery staff that has been specially trained. we have over 7 years of packaging/shipping experience with fine art and we take great pride in ensuring that your artwork is packaged with care.


nicholas yust fine metal art artwork guarantee

the metallic shine and acrylic coating on all of my sculptures are indefinitely guaranteed if cared for under the specific nicholas yust artwork care & maintenance instructions listed below.

aside from my personal passion and inspiration for my artwork, a large driving factor behind the creation of my modern metal sculptures is providing my clients with quality artwork that will enrich and bring happiness to their lives. each fine metal art sculpture is formed with carefully applied grind patterns and techniques, and is composed of only the finest materials that will last you a lifetime. i understand that artwork is an investment and a timeless addition to your home, commercial space or collection, and i guarantee that it is just that - timeless.


nicholas yust fine metal art artwork care

just like a painting or other form of fine art, my sculptures (although structurally robust looking) are also fine art and should be handled so that none of the finished surfaces make direct contact with fingers or hands during installation or cleaning. fingerprints, food or other related spots can contain acids and other corrosive chemicals that can etch any metal, acrylic or clear coat. do not touch, rub or scratch the front of the artwork; if the front of the panel becomes finger printed for any reason please clean immediately using the cleaning instructions listed below:

all exposed metal and acrylic areas should be dusted regularly with a dry clean cotton cloth. if you do accidentally get a mark on the artwork it should be cleaned immediately using a damp cotton cloth with a small amount of hand soap (gently rubbing circles over the affected area) then immediately dried with using a dry cotton cloth. do not use alcohol based products, bleaches or abrasive detergents for cleaning any part of your artwork; this may affect the grind patterns or coloring on your sculpture.

sculptures containing digital art prints are for indoor applications only. all other sculptures may be placed outside. please indicate if artwork will be placed in extreme environmental conditions, so that i can advise when and if special treatments are needed on the artwork.


nicholas yust fine metal art installation

to hang single panel fine metal art first measure the distance between the brackets on the back of the panel, and then make marks using a level where your nails should go. finally, place the art on the wall, ensuring that each bracket is making contact with a nail. to hang multi panel metal art, start with the middle panel and work your way outwards, measuring the distance between the center of the brackets on two adjoining panels.


  • hammer
  • drywall nails
  • level/laser level
  • drywall screws and drill for heavy or large scale custom orders


nicholas yust fine metal art lighting suggestions

when photographing my artwork for my website, i use gallery lighting (quartz halogen track lighting) to best portray the grind patterns and and grind patterns and. to create the most stunning visual effects, reflection of light and brightest color saturation, i suggest that you place your sculpture near a bright light source to achieve the same effect. if you do not have quartz halogen track lighting readily available you can use quartz halogen bulbs or other flood light type bulbs which can be found at most home improvement/hardware stores.

placing natural aluminum fine metal art sculptures near a window where it will get sunlight throughout the day will create a dynamic sculpture that will reflect the natural colors of the sun as it progresses through sunrise or sunset.


nicholas yust fine metal art discounts

i like to make my artwork as affordable and available as possible. if you are purchasing multiple pieces of my artwork, or if you are a designer, decorator, art consultant or other, you may be eligible for a discount. contact me to get a revised quote and total on your artwork order.

10% for 2-4 sculptures, 15% for 5-9, custom% for multiple orders (contact for quote).

Receive an automatic 5% discount by simply forwarding us your verification information. This will be deducted on top of sales and bulk order discounts.

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