Single Panel Metal Art

Single Panel Metal Art

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about modern single panel metal sculptures by { NICHOLAS YUST }

modern single panel metal sculptures have a unique, captivating presence difficult to find in other types of modern artwork. while at first glance the visual is simple in space occupation, and exudes natural colors from the pure metal, the complexity of the grind patterns combined with multi-directional reflection of light make enjoying single panel metal wall art an intriguing experience. all of my single panel metal artwork is designed with care and hand crafted using my signature grind patterns and techniques, most of which originated while designing natural metal artwork. the ultra-modern artwork designs are created by grinding many layers of individual patterns into the metal by hand. the abstract, contemporary look is enhanced in my ground pure metal art, which reflects light in a unique way. whether made of aluminum or steel, a two-toned look results when exposed to natural or quartz-halogen lighting; this effect can be seen in various photos in my single panel metal sculpture galleries; view my purchase details page for metal art lighting suggestions to learn how to capture the full brilliance of your metal artwork.

my nicholas yust multi-dimensional metal wall art can be found in homes around the world as well as in modern sculpture galleries, corporate buildings, hotels and hospitality establishments, sculpture gardens and other online galleries featuring esteemed modern metal sculptors. multi-dimensional 3-D sculptures have an intriguing presence in home, office or corporate decor and will demand a second look.

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