Custom Metalwork & Home Accents

Contemporary metal home accent pieces are a fabulous way to add artistic elements to features of your home. Almost any surface can be covered in artistically ground metal to add to your home's visual appeal.

Specs and Details:

  • Home decorations and features are typically done by custom order
  • Home accent items include but are not limited to: kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, front panels for appliances, chandeliers and door skins
  • I offer custom coloring to match existing appliances or home colors; for this we appreciate that you can provide a color sample in some form
  • Metal materials available are aluminum, stainless steel, copper or bronze
  • Indoor/outdoor applications
  • Polishing and protective finishing processes applied

Design Consultation


Start your Nicholas Yust modern metal art home decor collection with one of my hand crafted vases in natural ground or colored aluminum or stainless steel. Contact me to request custom decor items; I can grind almost anything metal!


Home accent options include but are not limited to: kitchen & bathroom backsplashes, front panels for appliances, bar covers, table skirts, lighting/fixture covers, chandeliers and door skins. Contact me to start your custom home accent design!


Custom fireplace for hearth & home technologies in Lakeville, MN. They showcased the design in a recent art show and won "Best in Show." Contact me to design your custom fireplace!


Ground aluminum end table featuring two of my signature grind patterns. Featured at the Art Expo New York 2008. Contact me for custom furniture designs!


I have combined efforts with contemporary furniture designer and woodworker Adam Schwoeppe to produce the first two tables for an ultra-modern furniture product line. Ground aluminum is combined with bent ply finished in veneer and paint. Contact me to place a custom order!


Joining with an LA executive producer, a custom door skin was commissioned for his new Los Angeles residence. I participated in the installation of this custom design item. Contact me for a custom door skin!


This specific design was commissioned by a customer who wanted my signature sculpture, "Fusion," in a custom blend of colors and custom sizing. Contact me for custom colors or sizes on available residential sculptures


A custom multi panel sculpture and two accent panels were designed for a customer redesigning her living room in a modern style. A combination of cool colors, aluminum and copper were used to bring the room together. Contact me for a custom sculpture design!


The design and personal installation of a custom bar cover in an ultra-modern home was combined with a matching free standing sculpture. A new grind pattern was developed while making this design. contact me for modern applications in your own home!