• Overall Dimensions: 38"W x 24"H x 2"D (12x12 per panel)
  • Medium: Original Metal Art
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted with Torched Heat Patina
Price: $2,400.00
Custom Made

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    Item #: NY0598
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    A rich orange wall art designed and created by renowned Cincinnati artist Nicholas Yust, 'Intrinsic Brightness' is a heat-tinted sculpture that features flowing orange lines. Different shades of orange were created by subjecting sheets of metal under ultra-high temperatures which brings out different colors of metal. By grinding multiple layers of lines on the metal, movement and life is created on the inanimate medium. Burning blades of grass running across an open field, tints of red and orange swallow the horizon. A very violent image of flames consuming the earth – embodies the wrath and power of nature over everything in this world. A sculpture that portrays strength and boldness, it exudes an aura of warm energy. A very stunning custom metal home décor that will be a great conversation piece among visitors and viewers, this will be a fine addition to modern spaces.
    • Hand-crafted by Nicholas Yust
    • Ships Worldwide
    • Lightweight
    • Ultra High-Grade Metals
    • Hangs easily on nails, screws or hooks
    • Custom size or colors available upon request