Silent Auction! Make an Offer for Any Piece

Offers and Prices are Private - EVERY Offer Will Be Considered

Nicholas has always made every effort to accommodate any fan of his work by accommodating a wide variety of budget sizes. Historically he has gotten creative and come up with some combination of efficiencies, streamlining, recycling or scrapping materials, extending/adjusting schedules, etc to try to make smaller budgets work on a given project. In a new advancement to further this effort, Nicholas has opened up his entire collection to a silent auction style offer platform. Consider this your chance to bid on an piece of original metal artwork by Nicholas Yust.

Whether you are looking to decorate an office, add to a personal collection, give a meaningful gift, or purchase artwork for any other reason, it never hurts to be budget-conscious. Please note that Nicholas will NOT be offended by ANY offer. He takes his commitment to his clients and fans very seriously, and he respects everyone's desire to beautify their lives with his artwork.

Take a quick moment to submit your offer below - Nicholas will review the offer personally and we will typically respond the same business day.