about Nicholas Yust's modern metal wall art

GUARANTEE | I strive for 100% customer satisfaction, providing clients around the world with high quality Nicholas Yust fine metal art. I guarantee this satisfaction by: creating each metal sculpture by hand with detailed grind patterns and techniques, tailoring each step in my design process, finishing each sculpture to gallery quality, professionally packaging and protecting your sculpture with care and always shipping 100% insured packages. As a full time metal sculptor and artist, I strive for perfection not only in my artwork, but also in the experience I provide to my clients in investing in a fine metal sculpture. I pride myself in my ability to deliver high end fine metal art and modern sculptures with exceptional customer service, and I hope to make a personal connection with you as you purchase or design your artwork for your home, office or corporate decor. I enjoy interacting with those who own my fine metal art, so please contact me with questions, support or requests!

MATERIAL | ALUMINUM 2024 and 6061 sheet, plate and tube material | STAINLESS STEEL sheet and wrought material | BRONZE, BRASS & COPPER delicate metals

SIGNATURE GRIND PATTERNS | I personally apply all of my nicholas yust signature grind patterns and artistic designs by hand to the metal such that each fine metal art sculpture is unique. I apply heavy to light decorative grinds, depending on the sculpture, in many layers and directions to utilize the reflection of light.

CUTTING | Professional grade cutting equipment such as nibblers, shears and CNC laser/plasma cutters are used to make precise intricate curves and general linear cuts. What this means: metal art wall sculptures can be ordered in virtually any size to meet the specifications of your custom order.

POLISHING | I carefully prepare each multi-panel metal wall sculpture for grinding, painting and clear coating to ensure a quality look and pristine finish.

FINISHING | A UV resistant indoor/outdoor clear coat is overlaid on any painted and/or copper surfaces to provide environmental protection against corrosion and add brilliant reflection to the sculpture. This protective coating is the same finish used on Lexus automobiles, allowing me to confidently guarantee the finish and metallic shine of your metal wall sculpture.

AUTHENTICATION | Before it is shipped to you, I sign and date all of my artwork for authenticity

INDOOR/OUTDOOR | Multi-panel metal art is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. I hand select material alloys for all of my natural metal artwork to ensure environmental friendliness and robustness. Stainless steel and copper artwork is treated with additional layers of clear coat as needed for premium durability and protection. Please let me know if you intend to place your multi-panel metal wall art sculpture outdoors, and if your climate renders any custom needs. For example, in locations that will experience high winds I would suggest reinforcing the mounting feature on the back of the metal wall panels, and for coastal regions near salt water I would apply extra layers of the protective clear coat. NOTE: my multi-panel metal artwork is commonly featured in adverse weather locations such as beach-front properties. My education and experience as a metallurgical and materials science engineer has allowed me the knowledge to understand the effects of elemental wear and tear on my sculptures and create suitable prevention techniques so that you can enjoy your artwork anywhere!

CUSTOMIZATIONS |Customize the color, metal or design to meet your specifications (yes, you may request an aluminum sculpture in copper, bronze or stainless steel, etc.) Contact me with details on your project to request a custom quote. NOTE: please include the name of the original metal artwork design which you need customized, along with the size, color, or metal specifications you would like adjusted; I will get back to you typically within 24 hours with a quote. A majority of my multi-panel metal artwork is custom designed sculptures, especially to create designs for large-scale residential projects and corporate spaces. If you would like to work with me on a unique design for your home decor, office or corporate space please contact me to start the design process. My services include multiple design proposal options, custom renderings of your wall sculpture in your space, metal matching to interior hardware or appliances as well as the the availability of unique metals and techniques not found on my standard designs. I also have the capability to engrave your custom wall sculpture with text or imagery, or add your corporate logo or symbol to your multi-panel artwork.

Signature Nicholas Yust heat tint options are also available. Heat-tints (aka torch color, heat patina, etc.) allow me to draw out various colors and designs from the stainless steel and copper metals, and create truly one-of-a kind artwork as no two reactions of the metal can be replicated. Heat-tinted modern metal wall art has an intriguing, modern presence in any decor and adds color and design without the use of paint.

PURCHASING INSTRUCTIONS | You can order anything you see here on our website simply by adding it to the cart and proceeding through the standard checkout procedure. All transactions are fully secured and encrypted to protect your personal and financial information. You may also call in to pay over the phone, or send a check, wire transfer, or cash to us directly. Please contact us if you have any questions about alternate payment methods.