• Overall Dimensions: 61"W x 25"H x 1"D (includes 1" spacing between panels)
  • Medium: Original Metal Art
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted
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Simple and commanding, ���������Conduction' is a classically beautiful masterpiece that will work perfectly as the centerpiece in your art collection. It's minimalistic charm gives you the freedom to accent it with other metal wall sculptures, while it also possesses a bold essence which gives it the ability to stand alone. The pure metal design of this special work of art brings life and personality to any room.

Layers of swirling circular images mimic the movement made by pebbles as they hit the still waters of a puddle or pond. The soothing and hypnotic motion reminds us that even the smallest of our actions can have an effect that goes on forever . Whether we act in kindness, or strike out in fear, the choices that we make can touch even the lives of those with whom we have never come into direct contact. Although the concept is often forgotten, this gorgeous piece serves as a gentle, daily reminder.

The elegant silver color of this timeless piece makes it easy for you to work it into the design of any room in your house. The unique, light-responsive finish reflects surrounding colors in beautiful, ambient tones. Be prepared to find yourself entertained for hours as your eyes follow the paths of circles as they grow from the tiniest of dots, to medium, to large, and even as they move directly into the surrounding circular designs. Your home is sure to be filled with a certain sense of tranquility and peace each time you pass this masterpiece.

Made up of four individual panels working together to create a singular image, this metal wall sculpture is the epitome of artistic innovation. Nicholas Yust has worked hard for nearly two decades to develop and perfect his technique. His passion for his work is apparent in every inch of his design. You will love seeing this piece hung in your own home.

  • Hand-crafted by Nicholas Yust
  • Ships Worldwide
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra High-Grade Metals
  • Hangs easily on nails, screws or hooks
  • Custom size or colors available upon request