• Overall Dimensions: 50x20x1 or 62x24x1 inches
  • Medium: Original Metal Art
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted
Price: $500.00
Custom Made

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    Item #: NY0340
    Availability: Custom Made
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    "Regio" is a multi-panel art piece with funky design and glossy silver finish. This art piece is very unique as it represents many ideas and multiple symbols. It represents the majestic design of wood stem. A gigantic pillar of nature which gives off oxygen for us to survive. It represents strength, agility and life through its masterful design. It also can be interpreted as a source of human life. It strikes close resemblance to million sperms racing, ready to start a life. It represents struggle, hardship and a seed of life. There is nothing more awe inspiring than the start of a new life. A great gift and a new beginning to explore the mysteries of the universe. Everyone who looks at this piece is bound to take away a new meaning and a unique interpretation of his own.
    • Hand-crafted by Nicholas Yust
    • Ships Worldwide
    • Lightweight
    • Ultra High-Grade Metals
    • Hangs easily on nails, screws or hooks
    • Custom size or colors available upon request