The Yust Gallery $1k Scholarship Contest

Contest Update: 2016/2017 Contest Going On Now! Note: Due to minimal entries, 2015/2016 applicants have been automatically-rolled into 2016/2017.

The Yust Gallery $1,000 Scholarship Contest
Nicholas Yust and his self-representing gallery in Cincinnati are proud to announce the first annual Yust gallery Scholarship Contest, with a theme of "How To Create." $1,000 will be awarded to the winning student.

Nicholas studied both fine art as well as Engineering, and ultimately earned a Master's Degree in Metallurgical Engineering and began an impressive career as a Materials Engineer at GE working on jet engine parts. However his itch to create overcame him, and ultimately he left his career to pursue his passion as a full time artist.

The Best Way to LEARN is to TEACH
Nicholas has spent over a decade honing his skills and developing his craft, and he continues to invent and experiment unceasingly. Diving in head first with a lot of trial and error has gotten him where he is today. This scholarship contest is an opportunity for you to show (and put into practice) what you are learning by creating a brief "How To" video to prove you are becoming an expert in your field.
Hint: you can use this video down the road as part of your portfolio or resumé!

Students in the following areas of study are encouraged to apply:
  • Art Majors
  • Trade Schools
  • Engineers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Musicians
  • Creative Writers
  • Designers/Decorators
  • Architects
  • Film Majors
  • etc.
(Note that this list is not exclusive, so if you are in a different area of study but feel you could contribute a productive submission, please feel free to do so!)

Follow These Steps to Submit:

1) Describe in ~500 words what you will be demonstrating, and why you are passionate about it.
Hint: Your topic could be anything related to your field; how to create a logo in Photoshop, how to harmonize, how to draw a cartoon, how to create a stop-motion film, etc.

2) Create Your How-To video on YouTube (or Vimeo, or other video channel)
Hint: it does not have to be a professional production - look at popular instructional videos on YouTube for ideas. We will rate your submission higher if you make efforts to draw attention to your video (Likes, Comments, Shares, etc).

3) Copy/Paste the following message as the first line of the description of your YouTube video: Yust Gallery 'How To Create' Scholarship Submission

4) Fill out the form below to validate your submission.
Hint: Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as noted above, incomplete submissions will not be considered!

About Nicholas Yust & the Yust Gallery
Read more about the artist and his background here.

Who Can Apply?
Any graduating senior or enrolled student in any field of study relating to creative applications (art, design, architecture, engineering, etc.)

Terms & Conditions
Eligibility - Any graduating seniors or enrolled (full-time or part-time) students at a college, trade school or university is eligible for the Yust Gallery scholarship contest. Any applicant must have met all of the requirements above to qualify.

Submission Deadline - All submissions must be received by Aug 31st, 2017 in order to qualify for this scholarship. Submissions received after the deadline may be considered for the following year's scholarship, unless the structure or requirements change. No citizenship requirements apply.

Choosing a Winner - All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by our panel of judges. Credit will be given based on perceived effort, relevancy, creativity, enthusiasm, social impact, quality, etc. Winners will be announced typically within 60 days after the submission deadline. Upon verification of eligibility, the student will be notified by email of their award. The student's approved school will then receive a one-time disbursement of $1,000 as a scholarship for the winning student. The student is responsible to ensure receipt of funds by the school and notify us if such is not the case within 60 days of the announcement. NOTE: In the event that the student's school would prefer to have the award paid directly to the student as award money rather than being paid to the school as a scholarship, we will do so upon request.
Minimum Submissions Requirement - We must receive a minimum of 25 applicants for the competition. If fewer than 25 apply, all submissions will be rolled over into the following year. and The Yust Gallery reserve the right to terminate this scholarship program at any time without any notice. If too few submissions are received to be competitive the scholarship committee may reduce the amount of the award, or if the committee feels as though there is not a project that meets the standards of a winning submission, they may not reward the prize at all. This scholarship program is void where prohibited.