• Overall Dimensions: 36", 48" or 60" Tall*
  • Medium: Acrylic Paint on Metal
  • Technique: 100% Hand-Crafted
Price: $1,280.00
Custom Made

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    Item #: NY0730
    Availability: Custom Made
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    'Tres Flame' is a trendy angular décor designed and handcrafted by the renowned Cincinnati artist, Nicholas Yust. This cool aluminum art features a single sheet of metal shaped and formed to the artist's specifications supported by a small square base. The piece of metal was bent to interpret and recreate the thoughts of the artist. Rising from the ground, a pillar of red and orange burns a lasting image to its viewers. Each stroke imprinted on the sheet of metal was created by repeatedly grinding the metal, accentuating the piece by adding another element to the piece, movement. The transition from red to orange is similar to the flames found in nature. The intense energy emanating from this piece can be felt just by looking at it. This stunning piece is a great conversation piece that will amaze its viewers.
    • Hand-crafted by Nicholas Yust
    • Ships Worldwide
    • Lightweight
    • Ultra High-Grade Metals
    • Hangs easily on nails, screws or hooks
    • Custom size or colors available upon request